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Weekly Workout Plan Template Excel or Google Sheets

Weekly Workout Plan Template Excel or Google Sheets

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Using a workout plan template spreadsheet can be an effective way to stay accountable and motivated with your fitness goals.

This workout plan template spreadsheet allows you to easily create and organize a workout plan. It helps you track your weights and reps per set when strength training, and has a place to record your workout schedule for the week.

This spreadsheet is part of our 75 Soft Spreadsheets. You may also like that larger bundle of fitness spreadsheets instead.

Can this workout plan template be used in Excel?

This workout planner template spreadsheet is made with Google Sheets, but it can also be downloaded to be used in Microsoft Excel.

This workout planner has a place to record whether you're doing cardio or strength each day. You also can record what muscle group you're working, as well as, number of sets, specific exercise, weight, reps, and time spent exercising each day.

This exercise planner is the best way to track your progress and strength in your workout routine. You could also take it to a personal trainer to quickly show them how you are doing on your own.

Does a workout plan template spreadsheet help you track your exercises?

Yes, a workout plan template spreadsheet is a great way to track your exercises.

By using a workout plan template spreadsheet, you can input and organize the details of each exercise you plan to do and how the workout went.

Additionally, you can create multiple sheets or print multiple copies of this fitness plan template spreadsheets so you can track your progress over time.

What are the benefits of a workout template?

There are several benefits of using a workout plan tracker, including:

  1. Helps you stay organized: A daily workout planner allows you to plan and organize your workouts in advance. This can help you stay on track with your fitness goals and ensure that you are making progress.
  2. Provides motivation: Seeing your progress over time can be a great source of motivation. A great thing about a workout plan tracker is that it allows you to track your progress and see how far you have come. This can help you stay motivated and committed to your fitness goals.
  3. Helps you set realistic goals: By tracking your workouts, you can see what you are capable of and put your larger goals into manageable chunks. This can help you avoid injury or burnout and ensure that you are making progress in a safe and sustainable way.
  4. Provides accountability: A workout plan tracker can hold you accountable for your fitness goals. By tracking your workouts, you can see where you might be falling short and make adjustments to your plan accordingly.
  5. Progressive Sets: Tracking your sets and weights are essential to seeing results in your strength program. This fitness tracker allows you to push yourself a little more each time you workout.

Overall, this workout plan template allows you to plan and track your workouts in an organized and structured way, helping you to stay on track and achieve the results you want. You can also schedule in rest days each week, because you do need time to recover from regular exercise.

How do I use the templates?

The exercise tracker is offered through Google Sheets.

It is available to be printed or used within Google Sheets. The spreadsheet is editable.

The workout plan template is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.

Since these are digital files, we cannot offer a refund. You will receive the files after you click Place Order Now!

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