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Kim and Kalee

Printable Party Planner: 26 Unique Checklists & Templates

Printable Party Planner: 26 Unique Checklists & Templates

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Our Printable Party Planner helps you easily plan your next party or event! This party planner is great for dinner parties, holidays, birthdays, office parties and large events.

The Printable Party Planner includes 26 pages to make sure everyone has a great time on the special day!

With the Party Planner Templates you'll receive:

  1. Party Planning Tips
  2. Menu Ideas - This sheet gives you plenty of space to include recipe ideas and make menu plans
  3. Brain Dump - This sheet is designed to help you capture creative ideas and little details all in one place.
  4. Activity & Entertainment Planner (2 Pages) - This page allows you to include fun party games and entertainment options all in one place. The 2nd page has a place to record a time, prize, and notes for each activity.
  5. Budget Planner - This plan helps you set a budget for the party and track your expenses. It can also help prioritize your spending and avoid overspending.
  6. Shopping List - A great event anticipates the needs of their guests. The shopping list is a great place to record your grocery list, food and drink requests, staff needs, and party decorations.
  7. Party Recipes - This sheet is particularly helpful when hosting a dinner party. You can include your recipe and even a photo of it on this sheet.
  8. Seating Chart - This party planning page is great for a large event. It allows you to set your seating arrangements for unlimited tables - Print as many copies of the sheet as you need!
  9. Guest List Template - Keep track of the guests list information -- names, contact information, +1 option, meal option, and RSVP status. We've also included a section for any special accommodations like dietary needs. This one event planner will help you to estimate how much food, drinks, and party favors you'll need.
  10. Theme Picker Brainstorm - A theme is one of the most important details for a fantastic party or event. This planner will help you come up with the perfect party theme.
  11. Annual Events - If you're considering multiple events or date options for your party, this sheet allows you to see your upcoming events for the year in one place.
  12. Party Favors - Party favors are what you want to give to your guests. This sheet allows you to brainstorm and plan for any small gifts, treats, or other souvenirs you want to include at your next party.
  13. Gift Tracker Sheet - If you're hosting a bridal tea or baby shower, a gift tracker is a great way to keep track of gifts that are received and which guest brought it.
  14. Timeline Checklist - Planning a good party takes a lot of work, and these 2 time checklists offer an easy way to see what tasks need to be done one month prior, 3 weeks prior, 2 weeks prior, 1 week prior, and the day of.
  15. Decor Planner - On this sheet you can track anything you need from a party supply store or event supplier like balloons, streamers, centerpieces, and other decorations that fit the theme. It's also helpful for a small party like a Christmas party.
  16. Dinner Plan - Great food makes for a great party! On this meal planner, you can track your main dishes, sides, appetizers, desserts, and drinks and the amount of servings easily. It also has a column called "To Buy" to track your supplies.
  17. Vendor Information - This sheet includes a place for a vendor's contact information including the company's name and contact, phone number, email, website, outstanding balance due, due date and notes.
  18. Gift Wish List - If you have kids, a gift wish list is a great idea to share before their next birthday party!
  19. Day Of Checklist for the Day of the Party - This checklist template is a timeline for tasks for the party. It includes an hour-by-hour planner, as well as, a event to-do list for the day of.
  20. Weekly Planner - This weekly printable planner can be so handy for your next event, but it is also helpful just for general planning if you're a list maker!
  21. Monthly Planner - This printable monthly planner is also another great printable that you can use for a party or just in day-to-day life!
  22. Quick Planner - This 1 sheet will be your best friend! It makes it super simple to see multiple parts of the party in one place -- It includes the event name, date, event details including the venue, date and time, contact information, themes and colors, as well as, the menu, decor and supplies needed, invitation details, activities and games, and a section for notes.
  23. Party Schedule - When it's party time, a hourly checklist is a great tool to keep an event on track so that everyone has a good time!

Each of these sheets includes a place to include event details like the name of the event name and date.

By including these components in your printable party planner, you'll have everything you need to plan a successful and stress-free party.

Don't let the 26 unique designs in this printable party planner fool you into thinking they only work for a large or formal kind of party. These party planning templates and checklist printables are perfect for even small parties!


This printable party planner is high quality, ready to be printed, and fit on 8.5 x 11 inch paper (US Letter).

3 Ways to Print

1. At home if you have a printer
2. At your local print shop, office store, or photo shop
3. Using an online print service like Shutterfly, etc.
For best results - we suggest printing on high-quality paper or card stock.

This product is a digital file designed for personal use only. No physical product will ship. You will receive a download link to the digital download instantly after you order. It's a PDF File.

We also have party planning spreadsheet that you may like. Both are digital downloads and include no physical items.


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